Upcoming Oakland show plus tour update from The Matches.

On Sunday, March 13, the Matches are headlining a special early evening L3 at iMusicast in Oakland...

We're excited to have one of our favorite bands, Desa, on right before us. Also, on the bill is Under Ocean Skies from Berkeley. (We hear they put on a great show at the L3 Feb 19 while we were in Tempe,

Opening is Thriving Ivory, which is packing clubs in San Francisco, Contra Costa County, and in Santa Barbara (they're sort of based in both Santa Barbara and N. CA), and has a big following at Cal in Berkeley. Make sure you get there on time to see them (show at 5 PM).

One other band will be announced in the next couple of days. Check The Matches href='http://thematches.com/' target='_blank'>website and href='http://p201.ezboard.com/bthematches' target='_blank'>messageboard for the update.

We're back in the Bay Area for just a couple of weeks, then off on tour through early May, co-headlining with the Plain White T's starting March 20. (But, first, we stop for a free noon show at MiraCosta College north of San Diego on Thursday, March 17, and then Saturday night, March 19, we're at SxSW, South-by-Southwest, in Austin.)