Upcoming Converge album has been titled "No Heroes".

A brief title explanation: These days cowards outnumber the heroes, and the begging souls outweigh the calloused hands of the hardest of workers. Both in life and in art, the lack of passion is sickening and the lust for complacency is poisonous. This album is the artistic antithesis of that sinking world, a thorn in the side of their beast.
It's for those who move mountains, one day at a time. It's for those who truly understand sacrifice...In our world of enemies, we will walk alone...So yeah. it's real pissed off...

Look for CONVERGE to begin playing songs from "No Heroes" on their select SOTU dates.

More news on CONVERGE "No Heroes" will be posted when it is available.

Lastly CONVERGE have announced the following non SOTU shows (see the

7/09 Tinley Park, IL @ SOTU
7/10 Detroit MI @ TBA
7/11 Toronto, ON @ SOTU
7/12 Syracuse NY @ TBA
7/13 Poughkeepsie, NY @ SOTU
7/14 Mansfield, MA @ SOTU
7/15 Sayreville, NJ @ SOTU
7/16 Camden, NJ @ SOTU
7/17 Columbia, MD @ SOTU

Specifics for these TBA shows will be announced in the coming days.
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