interviews the guys from Guttermouth!

Guttermouth- 24th February 2003

Chris, PS: Are you all in relationships?:

GM: Mark has a girlfriend who he lives with.

Chris, PS: Do you have sex with fans?

GM: "Not any more, because everyone has girlfriends, and stuff so its hard..."

Chris, PS: Has anyone of you got kids?

GM: "No not any more." (laughter)

Chris, PS: Stalkers, am I right in thinking that Mark used to have one?

GM: "Its funny you should say that, Mark gets lots of stalkers."

Mark, GM: "Well there was this one girl in the States I banged a couple of times, you know,
and I was just like whatever, one of those things, and she was 'the stalker' for years and
years and years. She would go to my house, and she would knock on the door, and I knew it
was her."

Chris, PS: she knew where you lived?

Mark, GM: "Oh yeah, its a pretty tight neighbourhood where we live, so I lie on the floor
and act like Im asleep, and she would go round the back door, and just banged on the door
and she would just be in an over coat, fully naked. She showed up to the London show, she
was there and she was quite insane, we always thought she was going to kill me, I was pretty
scared 'cause I thought she was going to murder me and everyone in the house, and it was
pretty knarly. she was totaly out of line."

Chris, PS: What would be you best fantasy tour?

Mark, GM: "Not going!" (Laughter)

Chris, PS: Yeah, is it really that bad?

Mark, GM: "well, thats my answer, Mark the singer. I would rather do a virtual tour on the
internet, where I can just play in my living room, (Laughter) and broadcast it throughout the
world, and then they would send me cheque. It doesn't seem to work that way, but that would
be my fanyasy tour. I like being at home, I don't leave the house ever. I've got everything
I need in my house, I've got a shower, I've got a refrigerator, I've got a pizza delivery
man, I've got my girlfriend, I've got a nice soft bed that I bought, only 6 months ago, so
it's still reall cushy, I've actually rotated the matress once, so it is still good, umm I've
got everything I need."

Chris, PS: excelent, not so much how would you tour, but who would you tour with?

Scott, GM: "Jennifer love hewett"

Chris, PS: Good choice, anyone musically tallented?

Scott, GM: "She sings"

Chris, PS: musically tallented?

Scott, GM: "well, look at us"

Mark, GM: "yeah exactly."

Chris, PS: What would you say your best tour has been so far?

Mark, Gm: "My favourite tour is always the very first one, which was to Canada, because we
did it in two pick-up trucks, we kinda had no idea what was gonna happen, didn't know the
person who booked the tours, so it was a real adventure, and we skated alot and hit a lot
of different skate spots, and it was just fun, 'cause we were all so young and such good
friends at the time and stuff."

GM: "Not anymore though!" (Laughs)

Mark, GM: "You can't even describe how much fun it was."

GM: "Thats when we all got to hump girls, 'cause noneone had girlfriends, it was great, we
got to fuck anything that moved, screw their brains out in Canada."

Chris, PS: What has been your funniest experience on tour?

Mark GM: "That would be the day before yesturday. (Laughter) It was pretty funny. Ty quit the
band the day before yesturday. He just got mad about something or other and was drunk and
grumpy, and he just got mad and walked off the bus with his little wash bag, which folds out
about five times, and its got every potion in the world. He stormed out of the bus, and it
took him 15 minutes to pack his belongings. so we drove to the next gig, which was five hours
away, and the he shows up like a half hour before we play, and everythings fine again. It was
pretty tight, and we did not know what we were going to do, so Manny from 1208 (who they were
on tour with) was going to fill in then, this is the good part, the next day we were gonna
buy a drum machine. I swear to god, we were gonna programme every song in and play with a
drum machine for the rest of the tour!"

Tyler, GM: "that would have been so funny!"

Mark GM: "exactly, it would have been hilarious!"

Tyler, GM: "You should have like gotten a hold of me and told me to stay away."

Mark, GM: "Well we had to do something, and you know, Manny (1208) was working out fine, but
at the same time, it was like Doug and Derek talked about that would be funny (keeping a drum
machine), that would be real music. It (the drum machine) would sleep in your bunk, and then
naturally we would powder every morning, or whatever you do."

Tyler, GM: "you guys should do that for at least like one show, just so I can watch."

James, PS: I would love to see that.

Chris, PS: You could quite literally dress it up.

Mark, GM: "I was talking to this girl in some shop today, and she was telling me that all the
young kids are still really into the big baggy stuff, is that true?"

Chris, PS: Well, we've stopped wearing them haven't we, generally, he says, sat there in
baggy jeans.

Mark, Gm: "Oh you do still?"

Angela, PS: Yeah.

Mark, GM: "well you're young, how old are you?"

Angela, PS: 21.

Mark, GM: "You're what? You're 21?"

GM: "She doesn't look 21, you look 12!" (Laughter)

Chris, PS: It's a good thing I think.

Mark, GM: "You look very young, and no make-up thats a good thing too. Girls who wear make-up
are generally..."

Angela, PS: I have got a little bit on actually.

Chris, PS: See subtle isn't it.

Mark, GM: "Very subtle"

GM: "She's pretty though"

Tyler, GM: "Can I touch your face?" (Laughter)

Chris, PS: Drink or drugs or both?

Mark, GM: "Drugs and drink are good things."

James, PS: Can we quote you on that?

Mark, GM: "Yeah I don't care. We're in a band, of course you take drugs and drink, what else
do you do?

Chris, PS: So we've confirmed that drugs are a definate yes yes?

GM: "Yes, yes, yes."

Chris, PS: How would you describe your fan base, the people that love you?

Mark, GM: "How would I describe them?"

Scott, GM: "Well we had the stalker, which was here."

Chris, PS: Obviously not that much of a fan, we're talking as a whole.

James, PS: Obviously the sane bunch

Mark, GM: "I think the've all got real bright futures, and great taste in music. Usually we
get the bottom of the barrel, unfortunatly. Well look at us."

Chris, PS: So do you think they will be fans forever, or..."

Mark, GM: "In the States we've got some core fans that have never left us, and we've gone
through cycle after cycle after cycle of kids in the States, its amazing."


These guys were the most honest guys weve meet so far they made us feel truly welcome. Hey Mark remember were staying at your house this winter.


Thanks a lot - All of Guttermouth (You were fucking great guys) - Doug P - MS1 Nightclub people for being cool and 1208