Critically Acclaimed Pioneers Of Post-Hardcore To Release New Album February 17th, New Single "Resuscitation Of A Dead Man" On December 23rd And Announce Headlining Slot On Taste Of Chaos Tour Beginning February 14th

Groundbreaking post-hardcore pioneers, Thursday, will make their triumphant return with the release of their highly anticipated new album, Common Existence, due out on February 17th from Epitaph. Recorded with producer/mixer Dave Fridmann (A City By The Light Divided, Mogwai, MGMT, Flaming Lips) at Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, NY, Common Existence is Thursday's fifth studio album since the band's inception in 1997. Packaged presales for the new album will begin on December 10th through the band's fan club The Thursday Doves, and the album's first single, "Resuscitation of a Dead Man," will be available for stream on December 9th and available for digital download on December 23rd. Additionally, in support of the new album the band will be headlining the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour, which will kick off at the Palladium in Los Angeles on February 14th.

Since Thursday burst on the scene in 1998 with the release of their debut album Waiting followed by their classic LP Full Collapse in 2001, the media has often scrambled to type cast the band into a certain genre, unsure and unaware of where they exactly fit in. With each album the band has continually expand the breadth of their music by exploring vast musical soundscapes, transcending boundaries and experimenting with new techniques and styles, all while staying true to who they are, avoiding the passing trends and disproving naysayers. Often accused of wearing their hearts on their sleeves by the media, not that they mind, it's that passion that has led them to the creation of their forthcoming masterpiece, Common Existence, a thought-provoking and socially conscious album that relies heavily on their roots yet isn't afraid of venturing forward into stimulating new territories.

"The record is called Common Existence, and I think that this record in a lot of ways is the first time that I've looked at a lot of the same things...all the big life events that happen from a more adult perspective." singer Geoff Rickly recently explained in an exclusive interview with "No matter how big the tragedy seems in your life, that's just the same thing every other person out there is going through. So in a way this is like an answer to War All The Time. When we did that record it was about how every little interaction is like this crazy war going on in our lives, and this one says 'now, well even the biggest things in our lives are very just common place,' and I think that's reflected in a lot of themes in the songs, where there's an overarching theme that's illustrated by something very specific in that sense it's a lot like a Bruce Springsteen record."

Thursday spent a better part of a year writing and recording Common Existence and their efforts have certainly paid off. From the cathartic "As He Climbed The Mountain" (which is probably the first distortion-drenched hardcore song to feature a slide-guitar break) to the stripped-down post-hardcore anthem "Friends In The Armed Forces" and the simultaneously dizzying and jaw-dropping first single "Resuscitation Of A Dead Man," Common Existence takes all of the elements of the band's previous evolutions and manages to create a cohesive sound all their own. With further progression of new-wave and indie-rock influences on their sound, the will undoubtedly continue to confuse cynics who want to slap the latest musical tag on Thursday.

Common Existence Tracklisting:
1. Resuscitation of a Dead Man
2. Last Call
3. As He Climbed The Dark Mountain
4. Friends In the Armed Forces
5. Beyond the Visible Spectrum
6. Time's Arrow
7. Unintended Long Term Effects
8. Circuits of Fever
9. Subway Funeral
10. Love Has Led Us Astray
11. You Were The Cancer