The U.S. Bombs are headed to Australia!

Fresh off a slew of great dates in Japan (thank you to all the Japanese fans!), Duane Peters and the boys are charging "Down Under" for a series of good old-fashioned punk rock shows! Checkout all the dates at the link below!

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In other Bombs related news, Duane took the title at this years "Bowl Contest" sponsored by Kawala Skateboards! Here is their coverage of the event:

"The Philips Fusion Bowl is a 100-foot wide capsule bowl with a bend in the middle and an extension. With gladiator/arena style seating and the fact that the action went down in the middle of one of the biggest surf contest/beach festivals in the country, meant a hella good time. The bowl layout made skaters think about different lines. Pipe skills and technical tricks played a part, but to win, you had to work the corners and hip as well. The skating was hot, the surfing world class and the people watching (ladies) were fine. A riot in the 80s meant the local Police had the place on major lockdown to keep the derelicts in line. The event made for good family fun, but it's no longer a drunken party.

The Master (30 and over) was the first final to go down. Crowds love watching their childhood skate heroes ripping it up. All skated hard, but the top-three guys combined consistency with airs and worked the bowl. Eric Nash had a model on Sims in the 80s and, on Sunday, he skated as hard as he did back then, landing in third place. Jake Piasecci rips pools, and it showed. Jake worked the bowl and threw plenty of lip tricks and airs for second. Traffic was so bad that Mike McGill had to jump out of his car and skate to the event. Even with the late arrival, Mike was ripping! He blasted airs and Mctwists head-high. He also worked the heck out of the bowl. I couldn't believe it, man, it was like The Search For Animal Chin all over. Mike took skated back to his car with the win.
"Best Trick" was a chaotic snake session. When the smoke cleared, Cristiano Mateus won with a big 360 varial.

The 36 and older Grand Masters ended Saturday. These guys skated so hard and were clearly the crowd favorites. Some of the guys were flying around the bowl and taking bigger slams than any fifteen year old. Eddie Elguera still skates like he was twenty. El Gato went through his old bag of tricks, big airs, Elguerials, and various inverts. He added some modern tricks, like blunts and five-o's to fakie (2nd). Duane Peters has invented more tricks than anyone can remember. The Master of Disaster did some gnarly stuff. Try an invert to the deck to invert-revert back in, just to start-damn, first place went to D.P. His quote to the crowd of families: "Punk rock and skateboarding, f___ off."

Cara-Beth Burnside rips on snow or wood, she took first in the Ladies division on Sunday morning.

The Young Guns went last. The top three stood above the rest. Cristiano Mateus went the biggest and pulled the hardest Tricks. Big 360 varials, kickflip indys, and 540s were just part of his arsenal, but since he didn't use the corners as much and lacked consistency, he got third. What can you say about Brian Patch and Omar? They both tear, work bowls, spin fives, blast airs, and skate fast. Close call: Brian second, Omar first. Omar said, "I like this ramp because of the corners and lines." Come check it out next year, it's worth the effort."

Grand Masters

1. Duane Peters
2. Eddie Elguera
3. Brian Mank
4. Stave Alba
5. Brewce Martin
6. Eric Grisham
7. Chris Cook
8. Cameron Tabbytite


1. Mike McGill
2. Jake Piasecci
3. Eric Nash
4. Tony Magnussen
5. Ricky Stiles
6. Dave Reul
7. Jeff Brush
8. Ben Schroeder

Best Trick

1. Cristiano Mateus
2. Benji Galloway
3. Eddie Elguera

Young Guns

1. Omar Hassan
2. Brian Patch
3. Cristiano Mateus
4. Steve Salisian
5. Chad Vogt
6. Benji Galloway
7. Fabio Frugas
8. Darin Jenkins

Street Session

1. Brian Patch
2. Anthony Carney
3. Chad Fernandez
4. Benji Galloway

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