The Unseen studio news plus tour dates with some great bands.


Ok, well this week has been fuckin insane, We have been in the Outpost recording our new album. I'm gonna make a bold statement, but I think this our best album ever. It has all the elements of "Explode" and also some stuff is a bit more like our "So This Is Freedom" album, now toss in some shit that is faster and harder then anything we have ever done and you get our new album. The main difference between this new stuff and "Explode" is how good the drums and guitar sound. This is the first album we have ever done where I don't play drums, I can tell you one thing, Pat blows me away behind the kit and Scotts guitar playing is better then ever. Translation, this sounds fuckin great, a few kids may stray away from this at first listen because it doesn't sound like we recorded it in a basement but give it a few listens and I think you'll dig it. We are finishing vocals and back ups this week, this record will be out May 30th. Album art and name will be released on the site as soon as we figure that shit out.

On other huge events, we are touring with Strike Anywhere February 1st - 13th, dates posted soon.

And lastly we just announced our full us tour February 15th - March 19th. This tour will cover most of the US and is gonna be an awesome fuckin show. This tour features us along with 3 other hardcore and punk bands. First off Pistol Grip, who are only doing part of the tour, are one of the most underrated bands in punk today. We have been waiting for a long time to do some shows together. Next up is Brain Failure, who are from fuckin China, enough said. They are coming over to the states to play for you guys and are losing a lot of money to do so, show them some respect. I can tell ya first hand its not easy to go to another country where you cant
communicate verbally for a month and play music, Its like being on another fuckin planet. Lastly on this tour is Ramallah, which is a great band that we are psyched to tour with features Rob and Neil from Blood for Blood, they're a political band that to me sounds like Blood for Blood but mixes some other odd elements. This tour is gonna be great because it mixes all forms of punk rock melodic to hardcore. That's something the Unseen has been all about since day one, so do yourself a favor check out this tour. The door price is gonna be cheap, most shows under 10 bucks.

Some places to check out the opening bands
Pistol Grip go to Ramallah go to Bridge Nine Records (download "Ramallah") Brain Failure has a track on "Give 'em the Boot 4"

Lastly, fuck being brainwashed into filling the pockets of huge corporations and celebrating the day Christ was born.


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