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Punk-O-Rama Tour 2002 - live in Boise, ID

Punk-O-Rama 2002, Now this is the first time Punk-O-Rama tour ever came through Boise but we were lucky we got it. Before I bought tickets and thought this should be the Pop punkorama but I bought tickets just because 1208 and Guttermouth put on a good live show. I got their and 1208 took the the stage.

When they took the stage they started the set with "Lies That Lie," a very good song. That got people moving around alot, but the moshing died down after 30 seconds. After that they played "Lightshow," which did the same thing, got people moving then they stopped shortly. Exactly after Lightshow they played my favorite song by 1208 "Retire." The pit lasted all through this song. Now 1208 really puts on a good show but they kinda just standed their like boards. They played a new song and said this was their last song. I was kinda pissed because 1208 only got a half hour set. But they closed their set with "Scared Away." After that Authority Zero started to set up.

I have never heard of Authority Zero but my friend in Portland said they sucked. I really didnt expect much from these guys but as soon as they came out they played "Passage In Time," This got the whole crowd jumping and moving around in the pit. I got in and stayed in through their whole set. I would put up more of a review on Authority Zero's part but I didnt know any of the songs. I thought Authority Zero was awsome live, they got the whole crowd into their set. I would recommend this band to anyone and everyone. Next up...GOB.

Now I heard 3 or 4 songs by GOB, and those songs were really poppy and couldn't get me into their music. They took over 45 minutes to set up. finally they started with "For the Moment." People went CRAZY, the pit was huge. They next played 2 new songs of their upcoming 3 song EP. The only song I could recognize after that was "I Hear You Calling." Their set was fun, and after the vocalist said Boise Idaho is fucking awsome a million times they played their last song and got off the stage. Now GOB may be signed to a huge label and been on tour with shitty bands before but their set was really rockin' but still not as good as I would expect. Next up Guttermouth...

I had only seen Guttermouth once in my life and it was at Warped 2001. They put on a rad set at Warped and I would expect no less than on the Punk-O-Rama tour. I quickly bought a Guttermouth shirt and made my way up the the front. After a half an hour of setting up Mark Adkins came out and made fun of Boise. This got the crowd riled up for their set. People started yelling "SELLOUTS!" right before the set and telling them not to play any new songs. I would have to take those peoples sides, the new Guttermouth album "Gusto" has some bad reviews from fans all around the world. They came out and opened up with "Gusto," their was a little movement but more booing than a moveable crowd. They next played "Shes got the Look." The whole crowd area turned into a pit. After shes got the look Mark talked to the crowd a little bit and got a tambourine bitch girl to play for them. My friend somehow was the lucky one to get up on stage first. Then they had little kids get up on taller peoples shoulders, then they played "Chicken Box," and all the smaller kids fought each other from the person's shoulders. It was quite funny because the pit hit some people with little kids, and the little kids fell down. After that Guttermouth played "Looking Out For #1," Don't get me wrong I'm sure the song is good to some people but I think it is somewhat slow and boring. During their set they played favorites like ŕ,2,3 Slam," "Secure Horizons," "Lipstick," and "I Won't See You In the Pit." Guttermouth then took fan requests, the first person said "Teri Yakimoto," my favorite Guttermouth song. But Guttermouth refused to play it which pissed a lot of fans off. But Guttermouth ended their set with "Perfect World." The moshing was AWSOME, the bands were good, and the tickets were only 6 dollars for the first week which was how much mine were. I dont think you could see a better concert for 6 bucks.

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