The new Matches CD scores 4 stars from Revolver Magazine

Rating: * * * * (Four Stars)
The Matches have lit the fuse of a vibrant punk explosion in their hometown of Oakland, California, by hosting the all-ages concert series L3: Live Loud and Local. The monthly gigs are already packed like sardine cans, and after people hear this remixed and expanded version of the Matches' homemade debut, the band will need to move L3 to a much bigger space. "Dog Eared Page" and "Audio Blood" are wildly crafty, wickedly entertaining punk-pop blasts, and "Say 18: blends punk and anthemic rock with arena-worthy wah-wah and CBGB-friendly power chords. Shawn Harris' Captain Hook-ish vocals, meanwhile, turn "The Restless" into a terrific pirate-music ditty. A treasure worth diving for.

-Jeff Perlah
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