The new Error EP is "Good Shit!" according to!

Error is something new and refreshing from Epitaph, a label primarily known for it Orange County punk rock (the Offspring, Rancid, Bad Religion, Pennywise).

The band is essentially, just two guys: brothers Atticus and Leopold Ross. Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion fills in with background vocals, and the lead vocals are supplied by Dillenger Escape Plan's Gregg Pucciato.

The whole things sounds like the brothers spent a lot of time doing massive amounts of speed and listening to Atari Teenage Riot and "Come to Daddy"-era Aphex Twin. This is not, by all means, a bad thing. The label on the cd bills it as "electro-punk," which is just another way of saying "digital hardcore" and not getting sued by Alec Empire.

The album is an EP, which is just about my limit for industrial/electro/clash/whatever these days. Thankfully, the cd flows very well. There's good use of atmospheric swirls between the crashing and banging beats that make up the majority of the songs. Sadly, the weakest song on here is a cover of 999's "Homicide." Old-school punk, at least not in this case, does not lend itself to electronic stylings.

All in all, however, the disc wouldn't be out of place between sets at a punk, metal, or hardcore show, to say nothing of the fact that the industrial kids should eat this right up. It's got just the right amount of danceability, without sacrificing any anger or speed. It's punk fury, but with electronic dance stylings. Good shit.

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