The new Bouncing Souls album gets reviewed by Surfer Girl!

Anchors Aweigh is the soundtrack for anyone who made it through the wild times of their youth by listening to the Bouncing Souls. You know how old, familiar faces bring back a flood of memories? For the times you will always remember to the ones you would sooner forget, this CD is like one of your old friends meeting you for a beer to talk about "back in the day."

The sixth album in a legacy of Bouncing Souls releases, Anchors Aweigh is a blend of the familiar and new fine-tuned punk rock. There is no doubt that these boys will never forget where they came from--the East Coast they call home, as well as their loyal fans from the Right Coast, is a standard topic in their lyrics, and its good to know that some bands will always appreciate those who've supported them from the beginning. The songs on Anchors Aweigh set the same ambiance as watching an old slide show. The Bouncing Souls let the fans in on their thoughts, behind the scenes, and through the experiences that have made this band the punk-rock legends that they are today.
Check them out at href='' target='_blank'>, get the DVD Do You Remember, and, of course, buy the new CD on August 26.

by Andrea Green
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