The new 1208 record scores 4/5 stars from!

As a huge fan of the Epitaph family, I have to admit I haven't been happy with the direction they've been heading recently. I miss the old days with the solid line-up of Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise, Agnostic Front, Guttermouth, etc... Alex (vocals) has one of the most famous uncles in punk rock, Greg Ginn, and that punk rock influence has clearly bled through the family into 1208. "Turn Of The Screw" is a refreshing break from the "Hot Topic Punk" the past few years have been packed with. Upon the first listen clear influences include Pennywise, old Guttermouth, and the Descendents. The band wastes no time with their first track "My Loss", which if you aren't careful will leave you laying flat on your ass. These guys posess a speedy punk rock sound reminiscent of Pennywise. I felt that their debut "Feedback is Payback" was mediocre at best, but "Turn Of The Screw" shows how hard they've worked and how their sound has matured over the past two years. "NExt Big Thing" which there is a video for on the cd, stands out as the highlight of the cd. It's a classic sing along punk rock anthem that's punchy, poppy, yet not so cheezy that it sounds like Sum-41. These guys definitely show some promise, and are sure to make their dent in the Epitaph roster.

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