The Lost Patrol Band readies their new full-length CD!

"Lets find a reason to live" quotes former Refused leader and (International) Noise Conspiracy vocalist, Dennis Lyxzén, as he readies his third solo release: THE LOST PATROL BAND, SELF-TITLED!

Formed in 1998, THE LOST PATROL BAND was pieced together with the intent of playing "political protest songs" in various styles -- which they successfully did on their two previous albums. However, the theme of love and loss entered the realm when Lyxzén and his longtime girlfriend parted ways.
Now, with their third release, THE LOST PATROL BAND has shifted musical styles from straight ahead rock 'n' roll to "powerpop," yet the subject of love and loss remains a salient theme throughout the album: "I am still singing about the breakup with my girl", muses Dennis. "I am still sore about that."

Though brimming with dissent towards the global political structure and full of painful expressions over the profound loss of the one he loved, THE LOST PATROL BAND and Dennis Lyxzén still want to have fun!
They have created a spontaneous and free "punky," "powerpop" record with an authentic early-eighties sound that features ten catchy songs that you can't help but sing along to...

01. Feels Like Drowning
02. Golden Times
03. Get Ready
04. Hanging On
05. Pick Me Up
06. A Girl Like You
07. A Dose Of You
08. Let Me In
09. My Heart Is Still A Mess
10. Cant' Stand The Quiet