The Higher Enter the Studio with Mike Green

With boy-band good looks and unabashed pop sensibilities, the Higher won a legion of fans who like to dance on their acclaimed debut Histronics. The Las Vegas quartet's follow-up (and Epitaph debut) On Fire upped the pop/rock ante, as the Higher crafted a catchy, contagious homage to hormones and heartbreak.

After a year and a half of non-stop touring across the US with the likes of Motion City Soundtrack and Sherwood, as well as their first shows in the UK and some Higher-mania in Japan, the band has entered the studio with On Fire producer Mike Green (Paramore, the Matches).

Enthused about the new record, and addressing the departure of guitar player Tom Oakes last February, bass player Jason "Face" Centeno writes, "Danger! Danger! The Snake, Face, Reggie boo and Doug Fresh have reunited (and it feels so good!) with All Star Producer Mike "Grizzly Silk" Green and the new tunes are better than ever. The hit makers aren't going anywhere. The Higher will always be the Higher as long as Seth and I are breathing and best friends. It's safe to say that we are better than ever, not only as artists but as a cohesive songwriting unit. Lyrically this record is emotional and logical. Seth and I are writing short stories mixed with grooves that will brand your bones."

As soon as the band finishes in the studio, they depart for back-to-back tours, first with Just Surrender, White Tie Affair and The Morning Of from October 11th - November 2nd, followed by a run with Ludo, Eye Alaska and Army Of Freshman starting November 3rd.

Scheduled for release early next year, the yet-untitled third record from the Higher promises a whole new glimpse into the band's completely unique take on pop, emo and R&B.