The Bouncing Souls need help with their DVD!

hey there souls fans,

tommy rockum here with an urgent plea for help! the DVD is entering its final stages, but there's still much to be done. we've been polishing up the documentary and are now focusing on the DVD menus and extras. in order to meet our deadline, we're trying to carpe every diem and save as much time as we can. so we're looking for INTERNS. if you live anywhere near Burbank, california and you have some time on your hands over the next couple weeks, we'd love your help. i warn you now: it's stressful work and we ain't gonna pay you, but we'll see to it that you'll be credited in the DVD and if you're good we'll give you some tastykakes or something. sounds like a dream, doesn't it? well, write to as soon as you read this and we'll make your dreams come true! our schedule is really tight, so write today! for those of you who live nowhere near california, i can tell you that the DVD is coming along well and the documentary portion is very close to finished. the band got their hands on the first cut over the weekend and responded very positively. ryan and i watched the documentary with greg and shanti tonight and it was the first time we were able to sit back and just enjoy it without having to look out for new edits or listen for a new audio mix. as it turns out, it's pretty good! who knew? it's fun, educational, and full of surprises... just like school! anyway, i gots ta get, but don't despair. i'll be dropping in again before you know it. by the end of the month, we'll have a pretty firm release date, but if you're too documentary-hungry to wait, head out to see "bowling for columbine" in the meantime. it's awesome! take it easy and hopefully we'll be hearing from our new interns very soon! (and i mean very soon! write now!!!)

tommy rockum