SPIN Magazine reviews the new Dillinger Escape Plan EP!

Every so often, one of the "big dogs" of the media world actually pays attention to a release by a band that they would have otherwise simply ignored. Well, the new Dillinger Escape Plan "Irony Is A Dead Scene" EP just so-happens to be one of those releases!

SPIN Magazine listened to this amazing little piece of music and this is what they had to say about it:

"From Frank Zappa to Primus, cartoonish hyper-musicianship gets over its ability to crack us up and rock us sideways. And ex-Faith No More mullet Mike Patton knows a good, ear-shredding joke when he hears one. The Dillinger Escape Plan approach lightning-bolt scream rock as "new music," not nu-metal. Their racket could be a vocalist's nightmare, but it suits the trickster in Patton, and this four-song collaboration is hella inventive: motormouth gibberish, harmony-rapping, stereo-panned devil voices. Funny "ha-ha" and funny weird, too."

SPIN Rating: 8/10

That's right...come to daddy!

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