Some news from the home of Motion City Soundtrack.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Big week, kids, big week... YESTERDAY (Monday) was our very own Tony Thaxton's 68th birthday... TODAY (Tuesday), the acoustic split EP with Matchbook Romance hits stores. If you're not sold on why you should go out and buy it, head over to our purevolume site and you can "test drive" one of our songs off from the split. TOMORROW (Wednesday), we leave for LA to begin pre-production on our new album, which we will begin recording at the end of this month. LATER THIS WEEK, "Burnout 3" will be released by EA Games and should be in stores everywhere. You can find "My Favorite Accident" on the soundtrack of the video game, along with a ton of other cool artists such as Yellowcard, D4, Von Bondies, Franz Ferdinand, New Found Glory, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Atreyu, No Motiv and many more.

Other quick tidbits in one sentence or less: "In Honor" compilation which features the acoustic version of "My Favorite Accident" hits stores on September 21... A couple of random shows in November have been announced, so go to the shows page... New merch, including SKIRTS and a NEW TRACK JACKET can be found at our merch store... "I Am The Movie" on sale now at all Target stores, tell all of your friends...

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