Some great new records out today that you should check out.

This is the release date for some amazing new records in the Epitaph family.

Guttermouth release 'Eat Your Face' today a great new record from these punk rock mainstays. Check it out href='' target='_blank'>HERE!

C.Aarme, hailing from Europe, is a band that will remind you why you got into punk in the first place. Their self-titled release is out today. Find out more href='' target='_blank'>HERE!

Last but not least Nikola Sarcevic, frontman for Millencolin puts out 'Lock-Sport-Krock', his first solo record today. I highly recommend you pick this up no mattr what genre you are into. See for yourself href='' target='_blank'>HERE!

Check out these band's pages, listen to their mp3s, and view some comments. If you like what you hear go pick one up today.