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Motion City Soundtrack E-Team
May 2, 2005

Hey Guys & Gals,
It's been a while - CAMP MCS is as busy as it can be. As most of you know by now, we're gearing up for the release of our second album, "Commit This To Memory", out on June 7th. In preparation for it, we'll be releasing free downloads on over the next few months, as well as free wallpapers and buddy icons, a brand new website and more. In an effort for all those to know and love MCS (like you do) our next mission is an EMAIL / ETEAM drive. We're looking for you to talk all your friends into signing up on the ETEAM.

For each Commit this to Memory mission there will not only be one winner, but two. Like in the past, the person that does the most work will of course be rewarded. But this time around, we will also choose one person who participates in the mission at random -- That's right, all you have to do is participate as much as you can and you got a chance to win.

PRIZES ARE a brand spanking new "Commit This To Memory" poster signed by the band.

Remember to copy me on these emails ( so I can give ya proper credit (and make sure to delete this text before sending it along)

AND JUST SO YOU KNOW, next Tuesday we'll start pushing free MP3 missions, so get this one done quick.


Hi. One of my favorite bands, MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK, is getting ready to release their second album, "Commit This To Memory," on June 7th. Want to help MCS out? Want free stuff that only "E-Teamers" get? Then sign up for the Motion City Soundtrack E-Team by sending all your contact information to and put ETEAM PLEASE in the subject line.

If you don't want to sign up for the ETEAM just yet, that's OK. Why not sign up for the MCS email Newsletter - We'll keep you informed of all our updates. Just send and email to and put EMAIL LIST in the subject.

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