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So far, I'd have to say that playing on the Warped Tour has been pretty amazing. We're out in Arizona right now. The response has been surprisingly overwhelming. We have never been on a national tour before, so even if we had 5 kids there to see us we would have been stoked. Instead, we've had anywhere from 300 to 1,000 kids attending each show we play and singing along to every word. So you can imagine how excited we are about all of this.

The shows have been killer. Everyday we rock the Volcom stage, but sometimes we get upped to the bigger stages which totally rocks. I think that our overall show is pretty tight and rockin'.

Everyday we chill with all our old and new friends like Letter Kills(fucking sick new band), Never Heard of It, The Goodwill, Damone, Western Waste, The Used, The Ataris, and so many more. Its crazy going to lunch or dinner and sitting next to one of your idols. If I had to describe the Warped tour in anyway it would be "the punk rock summer camp". There's the cool kids, the uncool kids, the kiss-asses, and the modest. We fit somewhere in the "uncool" section. Sometimes we get to chill with someone cool. hehehehe. Its fun as hell. The parties are rad.

That pretty much sums everything up. I'd just like to conclude with the fact that Judas almost got bit by a rattlesnake the other night while driving to Arizona. We stopped for a pee break before entering Arizona in the desert, and just as I yelled, "Look out for snakes guys!" As soon as I said that I looked over at Judas as he was peeking into the bush next to him. Then he flipped out saying there was a snake right next to him. So we got the video camera and as soon as we turned the camera's light on and pointed it in the snake's direction it started rattling. Needless to say we got up out of there so fast. It was kinda like Scooby-do. Ya know, when they get scared they run in mid-air for a second before taking off. Yeah, funny story.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Keep it real. See you at the shows. Look for our new album "Stories and Alibis" coming out on Sept. 23rd. Rock on.

Andy - Matchbook Romance
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