SayWeCanFly's Epitaph Debut 'Darling' Available Today

SayWeCanFly's Epitaph Debut 'Darling' Available Today

Darling, SayWeCanFly’s first EP for Epitaph, hits shelves today, October 23.

Darling, the follow-up to the one-man acoustic act’s debut Between The Roses, shows a more mature and developed side of 20-year-old Braden Barrie, who has been recording music since his early teens.

Darling has been a great opportunity for me to dive a little more into my sound, and definitely helped me step a little closer to where I want to take SayWeCanFly,” said Barrie. “It's a little stepping stone into the next chapter, which I now have a much clearer idea of.”

Barrie’s career has developed through poignant songs that connect deeply with listeners, which has, in turn, build a strong personal relationship between the artist and fans via social media. Between The Roses was released by Barrie himself, then reissued later in the year in a Deluxe format.

“This EP has definitely been an interesting part of the SayWeCanFly story,” Barrie said. “I think the best part about Darling is that I had absolutely no idea I was creating it when it happened. I wrote the entire thing in one day, and was under the impression that these songs were going to be the deluxe edition of my last album.”

The interest from Epitaph caught Barrie by surprise, but it’s a relationship he is excited to enter into. “It was completely out of nowhere,” he said. “I'm certainly honored to be working with them because they are one of the few labels that I know honestly cares about the music and hard work of the bands on their roster. It's my first time ever working with a label, and the timing feels perfect.”

SayWeCanFly has been featured regularly on MTVU, MTVHits!, Alternative Press, MuchMusic, BryanStars, Fuse and more.