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Sage Francis Cuts Loose
Marla interviews Sage.

Long before Epitaph went on a hip-hop artist signing spree, Sage Francis was cutting his teeth in the underground scene. Not so recently my friend Marla had a chance to throw some questions at him. Sage Francis is currently touring so go say hi and tell him how much you enjoyed this revealing conversation...

Marla: Who is Sage Francis, how long have you been around and what is your history with Scribble-Jam?

Sage: I have been writing and recording since 8. At the age of 12 I took it to the stage and started battling and performing when I could. Like talent shows. I caught on late with Scribble Jam. When I stared traveling and doing a lot of stuff abroad, outside the New England area, I was doing Poetry Slams which take place at the same exact time as Scribble Jam... so 1 year I
sacrificed the Poetry Slam and went to the Scribble Jam and that was the year 2000. I ended up winning that year and it was one of the major things that pushed my name out to a greater audience. Basically that's all battles are good for, cheap promotions. Ever since then I've returned every year and had a blast, because a lot of people I'm cool with and enjoy seeing every so often.

Marla: If I were to see the world through your eyes, what would it look like? (Poor, hungry, green happy?)

Sage: All of those things. I think that we all see the same things. We all have a similar perspective of the world in general. You cannot have the good without the bad. I don't think that I see it any differently than anybody else.

Marla: So there is no mixed feelings? I mean... sometimes when I drive or walk around it looks so pretty but other times it looks so dirty... Sometimes I notice the garbage and sometimes I notice the sunshine.

Sage: So am I an optimist or a pessimist?

Marla: That's a good way to put it...

Sage: Well.. I see a lot of sadness but it balances it out with the beauty. I see beauty everywhere, even in the trash is...I live a very dirty lifestyle...I don't take care of things..

Marla: You don't drink, no?

Sage: No

Marla: No drugs?

Sage: No, no dogs...but I love dogs.

Marla:I said drugs..

Sage: Lots of drugs.... Have to deal with the sadness. Have to...Its my connection to my past. All I will have left when everyone else is gone is drugs.

Marla: no....

Marla: What religion are you?

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