Sage Francis' new album gets an 8 out of 10 from Sandiegopunk.

Rating: 8 out of 10

For those unfamiliar with this Straight Edge/Vegan upcoming hip hop star, Sage Francis is a testament of our times and the discontent that has continued to grow over the last few years. Formerly a part of the Anticon label, Sage has created a fifteen song album that will most definitely get people talking. This album confronts issues of capitalism, war, and hip hop culture just to name a few, and the lyrics, beats and overall delivery is well developed and venomous. I was happy to see the lyrics included in the layout, and the recording makes this Rhode Island MC stand out within today's hip hop scene. While groups like the Black Eyed Peas are playing bullshit like "Lets get Retarded", Sage is giving you a push to dismantle the system. Tracks like "Gunz Yo" and "Dance Monkey" are a couple that I thought stood out, but I was hoping for a little more in support of animal liberation. Nonetheless this is a great album all the way through.

By Christopher
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