Sage Francis confirmed for Coachella Valley Music Festival

The innovative SAGE FRANCIS has been confirmed for the 2005 Coachella Valley Music Festival. Slated to perform on April 30th, SAGE FRANCIS will bring his intellectually poignant style of hip-hop to a diverse bill featuring artists such as Colplay, Bauhaus, Weezer, The Chemical Brothers, Wilco and many more.

SAGE FRANCIS is recognized as one of the most controversial voices on the "underground" hip-hop scene today. His latest album, A Healthy Distrust, spent seven consecutive weeks atop the CMJ hip-hop charts and was follow up by a momentous eight week U.S. tour, where nearly every show completely sold out!

Although SAGE FRANCIS was an established artist prior to his signing with Epitaph last year, the release of his latest album brought his unique talent, style and skills to an entirely new contingent of fans and critics alike; here's what a few of those critics had to say about SAGE FRANCIS and his most recent album:

"Francis is to indie hip-hop what Rage Against The Machine was to alternative rock, a full frontal ambi-political rush that turns its voice man into a deified performer with legions of impressionable youths hanging on his every word."


"...this booming indie eccentric completes his journey from the battle circuit to the word of self-help, encouraging you to challenge authority, read Kerouac and listen to Johnny Cashed. But the hypervulnerable Francis is no bumper-sticker rapper - his fire-and-brimstone confessionals are as complex as they are venomous, especially on the counterculture stomp of "The Buzz Kill" or the firearms-as-phallus rap "Gunz Yo." It's a rare thing: hip-hop to soothe, rather than hurt your feelings."