Roger Miret And The Disasters get another killer review

I have to admit that I am biased towards this record, well, towards anything that Roger Miret is a part of musically.

When it comes to Roger Miret I immediately think of two of the best hardcore records of all time, Agnostic Front's Victim in Pain and Cause for Alarm records.

The ultimate New York Hardcore records, well, those and Retaliate by Carnivore.

But this record is by Roger Miret and the Disasters, a great band in the purest tradition of New York Punk Rock, and this is a pure punk rock record. Not that bullshit punk rock that is for sale in the malls but the real deal. This record's lyrics obviously have a lot to do with the life that these guys led during the mid eighties in NYC, a time when all the punks and skins were hated by the mainstream that seems to love them all now. Basically, this record is a call out to the energy and power of that era.

The song 1984 is an ode to the loyalty that brought all those punks together.
The song "Turncoat" is my favorite on the record, talkin shit on the people who turned there backs on their supposed beliefs since they were to scared to stand up for 'em and left all the true believers fightin in the streets.

But I have to say that my favorite part of this record is the one thing that sets this record as well as all Agnostic Front records apart from all others. Roger Miret's lyrical style is still one of my all time favorites, pure and raw, driven by emotion. It simply kicks fuckin ass.

Hearing Roger sing: "Fuck you, I hate you, Fuck off, fuck you!" is badass.

So, go get this record and learn something about real New York punk rock.
If you like the passion that drives this record, go get the re-release of Agnostic Front's Victim in Pain / Cause for Alarm CD. Those two records are the best hardcore ever from NYC, no matter what Roger might say!