Punkbands.com reviews the new Dillinger Escape Plan EP

The wait was long. Very long. They'd better come up with something that was worth the wait. Well, they did. Big time. I have to admit that I really didn't know what to think of the Patton/DEP combination at first, being a little worried about how they would sound together. That little doubt in my mind was gone after the first ten seconds of opener "Hollywood Squares". The music is basically the same as heard on ('99 debut full-length) "Calculating Infinity", except it has more atmospheric parts and a little more electronic shit added on top of the music, courtesy of Patton. Patton has never sounded as diverse as he does here, going from super low singing to making weird sounds to screaming his guts out to just babbling. "Pig Latin" actually starts out a little different than most DEP songs, sporting a slow, industrial sounding riff before exploding into an orgy of sounds. Three of the four tracks present here are Dillinger originals, the fourth one being an Aphex Twin cover. They play "Come To Daddy" (taken from the 1997 Come To Daddy EP), which sounds a lot like the original, just played with real instruments. That's the only minor negative detail about this EP. I wish they would've chosen a different song (like "Windowlicker" or "54 Cymru Beats") which is more challenging to cover. Don't get me wrong, it sounds awesome, but it sounds too much like the original (which is -- with a song like this - a great accomplishment in itself though). But who cares, this is an essential release for all lovers of extreme, experimental, intelligent and intense forms of music. And did I mention that the artwork is amazing? Buy this now.

Rating: *** out of ***


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