Punk-O-Rama 8 garners more praise from the critics

What with the Lookout! Freakout and Heart Of RoadRunner Records, the past few months have been a great time for value-priced comps, and you can't get more for your dollar that on the 32-track, double CD set that is Punk-O-Rama 8, courtesy of Epitaph records. Of course with 32 songs from a wide array of bands, they can't all be good, but for the most part this is remarkably devoid of stinkers. The Distillers amazing headrush 'I Am A Revenant' starts off disc one, which moves through one killer song after another, from the brutal('Sweating Blood' by F-Minus) to the goofy(Randy's 'Welfare Problem'). Raised Fist, Pennywise and Death By Stereo provide highlights on disc two, however the biggest surprises of the entire package are a couple of hip-hop songs, the most notable of which is Sage Francis's 'Makeshift Patriot' which address the terrorist attacks of September 11th with brutal, critical honesty lacking in just about any other song on the subject(with the exception of 'Combat Rock' from the last Sleater Kinney album, but that's another story). Punk-O-Rama 8 is an all around winner.

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