Pitchfork Media reports on the opening day of SXSW.

We have some great artists on the bill at this year's SXSW festival beginning today in Austin Texas. The Frames will be doing four shows from tomorrow through Friday at various venues around the town. Be sure to catch Anti- artist, Jolie Holland performing tonight at Antone's at 8:00 PM. And finally, The Matches will be playing a side show at the Old Pecan Street Cafe on Saturday at 6:30 pm. Make sure to check out these bands if you are in Texas this week.

From Pitchforkmedia.com:

SXSW 2005 Kicks Off Today

Rob Kleckner salivates:
It seems as if almost every list of tour dates we've posted recently includes a few days in Austin, Texas in the middle of March. In fact, so much is written about SXSW in January and February that by the time March finally rolls up, people appear to have forgotten that it's a five-day music extravaganza and not just four letters on an events calendar. There is no word in the English language capable of demonstrating the breadth and scope of the 2005 South By Southwest Festival; its size simply cannot be measured. Listing a full schedule would not only overload our servers, but probably drive you insane with jealousy of those who are fortunate enough to be attending the fest. Nevermind the fact that some bands are playing at the same time in different places and only a pimped-out DeLorean would allow you to see each and every gig.

In lieu of that, here are some of the shows that I, Rob Kleckner, would like to see (alphabetically): Aesop Rock, the Album Leaf, Bloc Party, Castanets, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Dälek, the Futureheads, the Go! Team, Billy Idol, LCD Soundsystem, Stephen Malkmus, M. Ward, Ratatat, Sleater-Kinney, and many (massive understatement) more.

On top of all the performances, there are countless panel discussions, with guests such as Brian Wilson and the festival's keynote speaker, Robert Plant. It's also a who's-who of artists, executives, managers, and publicists-- a schmoozer's paradise. And then there's the film festival. But we're a music site, so I won't get into that; just know that there are some great movies to be seen before, during, and after the concerts. For those of you up to date with current computer mumbo jumbo, available on the SXSW site is a BitTorrent file offering more than 750 mp3s of songs by featured artists.

The festival lasts until this Sunday, March 20, so, if you can find airfare (doubt it), a place to stay (nope), and some tickets (cross your fingers), please, I implore you, go.

To see a full list of who/where/when, visit the official South by Southwest href='http://www.sxsw.com/' target='_blank'>site.

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