Pete Philly And Perquisite win Dutch Silver Harp!

Pete Philly And Perquisite win Dutch award for most promising act
The Dutch Silver Harp of 2006 for most promising musical talent has been awarded to Pete Philly and Perquisite. Their debut album 'Mindstate' came out in Europe and South Africa in April 2005 and received critical acclaim from international press. English magazine Q states: "hip hop looks good in orange", according to UK daily The Sun the Mindstate album "harked back the glory days of A Tribe Called Quest", and German magazine Intro describes the band as “unpolished diamonds.” Praise from the hip hop community came from Talib Kweli who claimed: “these guys are musically light-years ahead of the game”. Kweli makes a guest appearance on the album on the track 'Hope'. The Amsterdam based band toured extensively in The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and South Africa, and will be touring Germany and the Czech Republic in February/March 2006. For those in America and Canada, the album will hit your recordstores later this year. Stay tuned for an official street date.