News of a new video, mailing list and more from Orange.

You may have heard the band Orange with their new track "No Rest For The Weekend" off Give 'Em The Boot IV. Well the band is back with a brand new video and some more news. I'll turn things over to the band to give you details:

well the word on the streets are true. Orange has officially finished filming their first ever music video for the first single of the new upcoming album! it was a 2 day shoot and it was one of the best times weve ever had. From rocking in a small garage to chilling on top of the plaza hotel roof. This video has it all. Its a damn good video! The crew was great and we had the best time. it was really fun. And we are sure the video is gonna represent us really well. We got to do alot of cool stuff like dancing on orange guitar amps and throwing zak down a bowling lane! goodtimes! goodtimes!

take care,

keep the peace!

p.s. We are starting a new fan list email address and if n e one does not want to be on the fan mail list please email me.

Check out Orange and their mailing list at their official website href=''>>!