New Punk-O-Rama tour road journal just posted!

Here is the first installment of our Punk-O-Rama road journals written by Guttermouth's Mark Adkins. Be on the lookout for more of these updates as we will be posting them throughout the duration of the tour!

9-19-2002 11:45 am

This morning is a morning that I woke up longing for the days of yesteryear. What I mean by that is this. When Guttermouth was just starting out we would roll up to the club or party with our gear, some beer and the best attitude a punker could have. There was no such thing as a sound check or any sort of professionalism period. As you all know I am only one member of this band and some of the other members probably have a totally different opinion. Personally I like living my life like a hack. Just cruzing through life by the seat of my pants, not knowing and not caring what was around the next corner. Structure marks me nauseous. Just like this book I am reading right now, it goes on and on about what a waste of time going to a major university is. Not that higher education is a bad thing it's just that most folks are capable of doing almost any job. Sure some people are born complete idiots and will be leaching of the State right after that first illegitimate bundle of joy is brought into this world. I was asked to right about the Epitaph Punk O Rama Tour and I'm sure that eventually I will, but for now I am in the mood the bitch about the residents Ty, Clint and I encountered on the streets of the first show of the Punk O Rama Tour in lovely Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is a ripping town full of action cute girls and even some good surf if you are brave enough to endure the cold cold waters of Half Moon Bay. I'm not, but the point I'm trying to make is that Santa Cruz is beautiful, but it is full of low life, pan-handling ...did I say low life, yes,OK good hippies. I used to hate long haired vermin just because they had long hair and listened to a different kind of music than I. I kind of grew out of that crap, until yesterday. The events that took place yesterday were enough to make my blood boil. Don't get me wrong not everyone is a panhandling scumbag and of coarse I have heard the BS about the stinking melting pot and diversity being so god damn grand. Ok, it's as simple as this when leaching for cash and smokes becomes fashionable I quit. I have lost all respect for the professors in our university system. I have a friend who attended USC as a philosophy major and whom now is a professor at the same school. This guy informed me that the majority of teachers push extreme liberalism. Ok wait I should stop right here because A. I don't know jack about politics and B. I think I just hate (with a capitol H) people who are to damn lazy to get a job and/or folks who find it fashionable to beg and all that. I by no means what everyone to be the same, but I am completely dumbfounded why all this ultra retarded behavior goes on in almost every collage town in America. You all know that I far from a brain surgeon or even an above average half-wit. I just want to have fun and treat people well. Well I mean only when I think the deserve it. I think that now is a good time to stop this piece, I mean I have already put my foot in my mouth, so why should I pull it out of there and cram it completely up my own ass. One more thing before I leave you all be. I was just called a pinchi chongo by Dave our new tee shirt guy. I think he is going to fit in just fine.

Mark Adkins