Motion City Soundtrack gets KKKK from KERRANG!

Kicking ass with pop melodies? It can be done!

Rating: KKKK
When the Get Up Kids incorporated Moog keyboards into their 1999 emo-punk masterpiece "Something to Write Home About" it was a bold move that paid off. Four years later and the moog is go ­ ask the reunion show, OK go, and yes, Motion City Soundtrack, whose use of the instrument on "I am the movie" is just the icing on an already delicious cake. Mingling pop-punk,
post-hardcore and the kind of catchy rock that Jimmy Eat World now specialise in, this 14-tracker is an upbeat, emotionally riveting and ­surprise! ­ utterly danceable album. This Minneapolis quintet have a rare energy about them that drives and pulls together smooth melodies, catchy hooks, impassioned vocals and hammering drums to joyous effect. You will be hearing a lot more from this band. Absolutely brilliant.

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