Motion City Soundtrack avoids "sophomore slump"

Motion City Soundtrack- Commit This to Memory (Epitaph)

Class: Avoiding the sophomore slump.

JM Minneapolis-based Motion City Soundtrack turned in one of the best indie-pop debuts of 2003, a brilliant mix of new wave keyboards and distorted power chords, with odd pop cultural references laced throughout.
The fact that the album was released on Epitaph Records, headquarters for indie hardcore and punk bands for the past decade, only added to the band's sense of quirkiness.

Two years later, MCS is back with the equally stellar Commit This to Memory, a dozen of the same sort of solid indie-pop tracks. Produced by recently unemployed Blink-182 singer Mark Hoppus, the album has the distinction of being one of the first flawless records of 2005.

From the second the drums kicks in on the opening track, "Attractive,"
through to the final notes of the closer, "Hold Me Down" (the most subdued song on the disc ), Motion City Soundtrack commands every moment of your attention. An even mix of updated new wave and addictive pop swathed in punk-rock sensibilities, this is the perfect medicine for anyone who has recently cursed the current state of music.

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