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Left: Motion City Soundtrack - Josh and Justin learned the hard way noit to try out their accents with Glasweigan policemen
Photo by Sarah Moyes

Motion City Soundtrack's own brand of keyboard and guitar pop has been seeping into the minds of those in the know since their first shows here with Sugarcult in the Summer of 2003. A tour with All American Rejects also under their belt, they're back this time playing the big leagues as support on Blink 182's recent arena tour. Still plugging last year's debut 'I Am The Movie', Sarah Moyes caught up with Justin Pierre (vocals) and Josh Cain (guitar) in Glasgow to chat about their plans for the coming year, anti-bush adverts, and Mentos...

You guys played with The All-American Rejects last year - how does it feel to be back over?
JP - Awesome.
J - I like it a lot.
JP - I'm a big fan of the Irvine Welsh books and Trainspotting and Acid House, those movies, so I get into accents. I try to do them and do them poorly.

Are you more nervous about playing the bigger venues this time round with Blink 182?
JP - Funnily enough no. That's the weirdest thing.
J - Nah, sometimes when we go out it's like "eeekkk!" but when you get up there, there are moments when you're like "Oh my god! There's a lot of f**king people out there!" But most of the time it just feels right and everybody is having fun. I always pictured arena shows as this terrible thing that I never wanted to do. But now that I'm doing them, the kids are awesome. Mainly the people at the way, way back as they kind of have the short end of the stick. But if you're in that thousand of kids at the front then that's pretty amazing.
JP - It was just weird too cos I was a bit nervous before we got here, like the weeks leading up to it. And then getting here, I think it just went by. Jet lag helped too because I only had 1 hours sleep before the first show so I had no idea what was happening until it was over - that's my take on it anyway.

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