Matchbook Romance to help out Bleed The Dream drummer!

Currently on tour with Matchbook Romance they finished playing a show in New Mexico. Scott the drummer was feeling a little weird, so his mates in the band take him to the emergency ward. Hours later they find out he has been diagnosed with Lukemia, a form of cancer. He is being treated for it this Tuesday, however Scott does not have insurance. The band are making the rest of the Matchbook tour a benefeit show for him and putting anything and everything into his recovery. If any of you would like to help by donating anything for Scott or any further news and updates, please feel free to contact

As for AP, we are going to be working on figuring out how to help Scott as well, and seeing what we can do to help.

If any of you are subscribers to Bleed the Dream's mailing list, you might have been thrown a curve ball. The other night in New Mexico, Scott, the drummer for BTD was feeling a bit sick. After the show the band took him to the emergency room, where he was further diagnosed with Leukemia(a form of cancer). This band, along with Scott, have been long time friends of mine. I can't tell you how much this effects me, and all the band members. Scott is back in LA right now in a clinic undergoing further testing. Bleed the Dream will be continuing the Matchbook Romance tour playing an acoustic set, and Aaron from Matchbook will fill in for Scott for the last three songs of the set. All of the shows for the rest fo the tour will be benefit shows, for Scott DOES NOT have any insurance. So PLEASE make it out to the remaining shows. In a few days there will be a link on BTD's website for anyone who wishes to donate money to help Scott out with medical bills. - Dave Gaslin.

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