Matchbook Romance gets a killer review for their upcoming EP

Matchbook Romance
West For Wishing EP

This NY based band, formerly called The Getaway, were signed to Epitaph from only rough demos on Named "The Getaway", they were noticed one day by Brett Gurewitz. Needless to say, they were signed almost immediately. Rechristened as Matchbook Romance, they've been hyped endlessly on sites such as absolutepunk,
and by word of mouth. Before hearing their debut EP, one question jumped in my this band worth all the hype? 5 songs later, the answer: "why the hell weren't they signed earlier?"

The EP starts off with a short song called 14 Balloons, which surprisingly turned out to be my favourite one. Only 1:07, the song really showcases how musically talented this group is, with their 2 guitarists/vocalists. The next song, The Greatest Fall (Of All Time) came out on the Atticus: Dragging The Lake II CD, and was showered with praise and attention. All well-deserved. MBR uses the perfect harmony of their vocals with a soft guitar intro to come in hard. At first listen the lyrics are cliché, but listening more and more, I realized how meaningful they are to the band, and to any listeners.

The rest of the EP continues in kind, with the band redoing the song Farewell To Friends, which was posted on, and Hollywood And Vine which was released as a demo on the internet. Sadly, the song that got Epitaph's attention, Ex Marks The Spot, was left off. Save Yourself is the last song on the EP, and it's just as emotion
filled as The Greatest Fall, with an amazing bridge that just builds on their musical genius. The band is currently recording their new full-length, and if this small sample is any indication, this band is going places.