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For the second year in a row,
L.A.'s Left Alone will be the Barbecue
Band for the Warped Tour. That
means the band gets to play during
the day and cook supper for everyone
in the evening.

The band is has a June release
slated for Lonely Starts & Broken
Hearts, which features a song about a
car once owned by lead singer, Elvis.
"I had to sell it to be able to pay
my rent so that I could leave on the
Warped Tour in 2004," Elvis says
about the 1962 Chevy Nova that he
sings about in "My '62." "It was black
with a blue interior and had a rebuilt
250 engine with a manual tranny. I
loved taking it out, like to the Allen
Theatre in Southgate or cruising up
Sunset to see a show at The Roxy."
Elvis may be out a cool ride
temporarily, but the fun that Left
Alone have with their nightly
Warped party is pretty good

"You get to hang out with all
these real nice people every night,"
the singer says. "You can have Rancid
over here and the Bouncing Souls
right over there; the next night you'll
have Tiger Army and Anti-Flag
hanging out."
Then there are the actual
cooking duties, which Elvis also gets
enthused about. "We make a killer
barbecue pizza.We get a frozen pizza
and grill and smoke it next to the
burgers." Elvis and the boys also whip
up orange marinated chicken,
different flavors of ribs and a
selection for the vegetarians on the

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