Lateef & The Chief to Release... Maroons: Ambush!

Debut Mini LP to Hit Streets on October 26th!

New York, NY (August 2, 2004) -- Renowned lyricist, Latyrx's Lateef the Truth Speaker and mixmaster, Blackalicious' Chief Xcel have teamed up to create hip hop's Maroons: Ambush and are set to release their highly anticipated mini LP on October 26h on Quannum. A precursor to their full length, Ashe, the duo's natural collaboration will leave you asking for more.

As Chief Xcel reflects, "Lateef and I have been working together since 1992. With each MC I work with, I am able to explore more of our musical influences, one thing I make for one MC might not work for another MC but either way, it takes me on this musical journey and Maroons is a fulfillment of that with Lateef. "

Lateef and the Chief first met in the studios of KDVS-FM at the University of California and soon formed Solesides Collective with their cohorts, Gift of Gab, Lyrics Born, and DJ Shadow. Lateef debuted in 1996 on a now-prized limited-edition single with the DJ Shadow-produced cuts, "The Wreckoning" and "Latyrx" while Chief went on to form Blackalicious with Gab. After Blackalicious' Nia dropped, the two started to lay down the groundwork for this powerful alliance and the result is the compelling Maroons: Ambush.

The first single "Best of Me/ Best of Me Bonus," featuring Gift of Gab of Blackalicious, is a stripped down track that utilizes the most essential of hip hop elements - a melodic chorus, a strong snare-driven beat and the duo's sing song rhythms. Ambush is a powerful collection of tracks written, mixed, produced and performed by Lateef and the Chief.

Lateef can also be heard on Fatboy Slim's upcoming album "Palookaville" due out soon and keep your ear to the ground for word on a new Blackalicious album from the Chief.