gives "Turn Of The Screw" by 1208 a great review!

1208's Turn of the Screw will attract fans from all genres. This album offers the untainted sound of punk, featuring the natural, organic sound of a west coast punk singer. 1208 entertains you with every song, adding different melodies to each tune. "Time To Remember" deals with the issue of understanding time: "I wanna take time to remember / Cause I always make time to forget / When it usually ends in disaster I know it's not over yet." It concludes, "I'm living in my head and it'll be okay."

Turn of the Screw is not politically driven. The songs on here are about bad break ups, good break ups and contemplating life. "All I Can Do" demonstrates a trait that has become increasingly rare in punk, self-evaluation with poetic thought: "It's all right, sometimes my darkness it does shine / it's for those who finally took a look inside / and saw a stranger looking at the world."

1280 is certain to be met with great adulation as more people become familiar with them. All they have to do is keep making records like Turn of the Screw.

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