Ikara Colt is hailed by the Philadelphia Weekly

Ikara Colt

Finally the punk rockers are studying dadaism. A riotous blast of single-chord fury and lyrical non- sequiturs, Ikara Colt's debut, Chat and Business, was one of the bright spots in a dreary rock 'n' roll year. Thankfully free of all idiotic Rock Is Back! signifiers, the British quartet dispenses volcanic mini-anthems with speed and precision. Vocalist Paul Resedne enlivens the proceedings with the most baffling verse this side of Mark E. Smith, ordering a "cracked Manhattan" in "Bishop's Son" and warning "crossed wires will put you on hold" in "Pop Group." It's like he's short-circuiting, spitting out every odd word that ever got lodged in his consciousness. The songs fuse the oblique progressions of Sonic Youth with the volume and force of the Damned. Ikara Colt slams the door on pouty-mouthed pretty boys and warbling antifolkers. The age of image is over. The Hex Enduction Hour is about to begin.

- J. Edward Keyes

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