I Am Ghost contest and exclusive video clip now up on Hottopic.com!

The debut EP from I Am Ghost is simply raging! We Are Always Searching has a diverse sound that can appeal to nearly any fan of intense music, and the reviews, sales and overall buzz is clear-cut evidence that this band is truly taking flight!

To help stoke the fires of positive attention, I Am Ghost took the time to film, cut and present a killer behind-the-scenes video piece that is now up on Hottopic.com! There also happens to be a contest going on at the same link, so make sure to check that out, too!

If you have yet to meet these “ghosts,” you need to hit the link below and check them out in their own element! You'll be glad you did!

href="https://www.hottopic.com/community/contests/contestLogin.asp?contId=336&contLogo=contest%5F336%2Egif&contName=I+AM+GHOST+Keyboard+Contest" target="_blank">I Am Ghost Contest & Video Piece!