Hot Water Music's "Caution" is reviewed by Americore

Hot Water Music's new record "Caution" is due out on October 8th, but the great press has already began to roll in on it! Checkout what Americore Magazine had to say about it in a recent review below.

"Every now and then comes a band that renews my faith in the cultural phenomenon that I've spent 23 of my 36 years involved in. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that HWM's intention is to save punk, they just manage to embrace its original intentions. The music is aggressive, melodic, harsh and at times even soothing. Try taking the melodramatic introspection of JAWBREAKER and teaming it up with the "meat and potatoes" attack of PEGBOY with just a smidgen of LEATHERFACE thrown in for some high energy, heartfelt rawk. CAUTION is HWM's second release for Epitaph and it signifies another step in their ever evolving growth that sticks true to their original sound but still forages into the future bringing to the table some raw, fresh and honest. High on the production end (produced by Brian McTernan; i.e. Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason) and still possibly the best thing to happen to PUNK (and underground music in general) in the past decade. Serve yourself up a double serving."

-Larry Lugz

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