Heideroosjes crew bus crashes on the way to release party

The bus with 4 members of Heideroosjes crew crashed yesterday on the way to a gig in Brussels to present their new album SINema, which came out today.

Two of the crewmembers had light injuries, but the driver and guitartech Eelco was seriously injured and is still in the hospital. The van, equipement and the band's instruments are destroyed. The band is deciding in the next few days if the tour will be continued.

Check the Epitaph site or href='http://www.heideroosjes.com' target='_blank'>www.heideroosjes.com for the latest news. Our thoughts here at Epitaph are with the band, the crew and especially Eelco and his family. We wish them all the strength in the world to recover from this huge blow.