Guess what? The new Error EP gets another great review

Upon the initial examination of this release based on the personal involved, you would think that Mr. Brett has gone off of the deep end and needs to be checked into the local looney bin. Granted, the people responsible for this project are very talented indeed but throwing them together to make music seems like an odd proposition. First you have Mr. Brett of Bad Religion fame taking the guitar duties, then throw some gentlemen named Atticus and Leopold who have been responsible for electronic collaborations with Nine Inch Nails and many others. The kicker is adding Gregg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan placing some well timed screams and clean vocals throughout the record.

Further examination of this whole project reveals that this can actually be pulled off, and sound good in the process. Falling somewhere between Prodigy and Atari Teenage Riot, Error flirts with being overly noisy then following it all up with song structure and a bit of melody. Gregg's vocals are a perfect addition to this whole record as he screams at times but most of the time he is found singing.

Whether or not kids get this release will be found out very soon but I have a feeling that many will get it and in time the demand for live shows will happen and hopefully they can deliver the goods like they have on this five song EP. To top it all off they throw in a 999 cover that gives the original justice while obviously adding their own flair to it. Punk kids might get it, hardcore kids might get it but fans of progressive music in general will love it.

- Ray Harkins

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