Grinderman Gets Rave Reviews In The Montreal Mirror

self-titled (Anti/Mute/FAB)

First off, you should know that Grinderman is the once again pairing of Dirty Three's Warren Ellis and Satanâ??s favourite lounge singer, Nick Cave. Free from the confines of the Bad Seeds, Cave resurrects his Birthday Party howl and, for the most part, gets back to his noise roots while letting his blues get even swampier. Cave dashes all criticism of this being a tossed-off side project by hitting lyrical high points within the Stooges-style punk rock fury. It seems like Cave is really saving his best days for last while doing away with cheap competition, rendering Jon Spencer's entire discography obsolete in just 40 minutes. If you like the Bad Seeds as much as anyone but miss Cave's more nihilistic, stripped-down Birthday Party days, this will absolutely fucking kill you. 9/10 (Johnson Cummins)

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