Greg Graffin is covered by AOL Music!

Greg Graffin has been the signature voice of Bad Religion for over two decades. This summer, he decided to go it alone.

Releasing his first solo record under his own name, July's 'Cold As the Clay,' the frontman found himself in unfamiliar waters, experiencing a real bout of stage fright while touring his folky new tunes.

"It's real easy when I play in Bad Religion, because I know that the audience is very excited to see Bad Religion. When it's songs that are not tested, [there's] always a certain amount of nervousness," he told AOL Music. "It's like doing an experiment in the laboratory that you want to turn out correctly -- when you're mixing the ingredients, you're a little bit nervous."

Though he'll be back with his band for a headlining set Friday at San Diego's Street Scene festival, Graffin's solo show Aug. 19 in L.A. won't be his last.

"I know next year is going to be a very [busy] Bad Religion year because we're writing an album," he said, "but this is something I'd like to do on the side."

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