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06.03.03: Well, the Keepsake/Matchbook Romance tour has come to an end. Keepsake does however have a few more shows to play on their way back to their homes in Florida, so make sure you make it out to see them. Those guys are so awesome, and on behalf of MBR we'd like to say thanks for taking us out on the road with them(high five).

So now we're home for another week and a half before we hit the road again for the Warped Tour. For those of you that don't know, we'll be on the entire tour except for the last week. Our last date is August 2nd in Barrie, ON. Then I believe we'll be home for a couple weeks, and then hopefully flying out to Europe to see our fans out there.

So far the EP has been doing great. Seems like lots of people are into it. We could def. tell at past shows. If you haven't picked it up yet, make sure you do. Its so good! In September our full-length album should be finally hitting stores. The album came out so great. Its so hard just not uploading the whole album to show to you guys, but anticipation is a good thing. Let me just promise that you guys will love it. If you liked the EP, you'll love the LP. Even if you hated the EP, you will love the LP. I believe in it that much.

There should be an online store on the site pretty soon. You'll be able to get just about anything, and everything. So if you can't make it to a show, don't feel bad, just pick it up there. Join the mailing list for more information.

Other than that I'd just like to say thanks to everyone that has shown their support for us by coming to shows, emailing us, offering us places to stay while on tour, especially, Megan, Will, Scott, Junction 18, Luke, Frank(Letterbox), Dawn, my big brother Keith & his woman Courtney, Erin, Brian(Missing September), and the rest of you. Thanks guys! We'll see the rest of you guys who are reading this post at the Warped Tour!

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