Gallows' Frank Carter Tops NME "Cool List"


England's most dynamic frontman, Frank Carter, has topped the NME's (New Musical Express) annual "Cool List." Featured on the cover of the UK's top music magazine in all his tattooed glory, the Gallows' singer surpassed indie favorite Amy Winehouse, Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys, gossip queen Beth Ditto and the legendary Keith Richards among others to take the crown as the "coolest man in rock 'n' roll."

Known for his riotous antics that include being tattooed onstage, self-inflicted whiplash and virtual bloodlettings, Carter has made lasting impressions with critics and fans around the world.

From their jaw-dropping performance at SXSW to headlining duties at Van's Warped Tour and most recently a US tour with Bad Religion, Gallows continue to stun crowds with their mind-blowing live shows.

"Gallows, the most vicious storm to sweep the musical landscape in god-knows-how-fucking-long, seem intent on rattling the cage in which is kept the blundering beast of male primacy." - Filter

"Gallows are a major buzz band on their home turf and deserve to be received with just as much fanfare in the states." - Revolver

"Gallows, the great punk hope grabbing Britain by its face and punching sense back into its jaded troops." - NME

"Gallows are here to put true punk rock back on the map." - Transworld Skateboarding

"Say hello to the house band for your next back-alley brawl." - SPIN

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