From First To Last tour info and review from UK's Metal Hammer.

The Chicago Epitaph Tour show is tonight at The Metro! There are just three more dates left so if you live in the midwest be sure to get out and see From First To Last. The band heads to the UK for a couple weeks early next month to begin a European tour with 36 Crazy Fists! Look forward to some 18 Visions, Warped Tour and headlining dates coming up soon. For now read this great review of 'Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count' from the April issue of UK magazine Metal Hammer.

Thoroughly enjoyable Heathers-inspired screamo

Sunny yet shadowy, melodic yet metallic, it's fair to say that From First To Last tread an increasingly well-worn path. Thankfully, though, 'Dear Diary...' is crammed full of good songs. 'The One Armed Boxer Vs The Flying Guillotine' is a lesson in the contrasting stop-start styles of both At the Drive-In and early Thisgirl, while 'Note To Self' sounds a lot like prime-time Get Up Kids, even if the lyrics (about failed romance) are somewhat familiar. Whether or not From First To Last can go from strength to strength remains to be seen, but don't allow yourself to be persuaded that 'Dear Diary...' isn't 'scene enough'. Simply take this record for what it is: an energetic, emotional and, most importantly, enjoyable pop-core album.

By Brian Magill