Everybody's favorite badboys Escape the Fate launched a video today for the first single, "The Flood," from their upcoming release This War Is Ours, out October 21 on Epitaph Records. The video for "The Flood" can be seen here.

The song caused an internet furor on September 2nd, when the band ran a contest on their Buzznet page, challenging fans to gather 50,000 people on the page to reveal a surprise new song. "I thought the promotion might run for a week or 10 days as word got out," says Jason Fisher, Epitaph's Director of New Media and the creator of the project. Instead, fans used creative cooperation on other social networking sites like Myspace and YouTube to gather in record numbers and "unlocked" the song in a mere 30 hours. The amount of fans on the page as the count climbed towards the 50,000 mark crashed Buzznet's servers, causing the social networking heavyweight to go offline for 15 minutes.

The video for "The Flood" was directed by Zack Merck, who was also behind the camera for Escape the Fate's earlier video, "Situations," off the band's wildly popular debut Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. To date "Situations," a racy homage to Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher," has been viewed 6.5 million times.

In addition to releasing the video for "The Flood" today, the song is available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon. Escape the Fate is also offering an exclusive pre-order campaign with Kings Road Merch. Fans will be able to buy This War Is Ours, along with a brand-new Escape The Fate logo tshirt for $19.99 here.

With hundreds of thousands of loyal fans who fell in love with the last album and massive online coverage for the new one, Escape The Fate's This War Is Ours promises to recruit even more legions to the ETF army.