Las Vegas Rockers Enter The Studio To Record With New Singer

With an uncanny ability to always land on their feet, notorious Vegas rock group Escape the Fate have begun writing and recording with a spectacular new singer and a superstar producer. With John Feldmann (the Used, Story of the Year) lending his talents as both producer and songwriter, and with the addition of singer Craig Mabbit, formerly of Bless the Fall, Escape the Fate are on track to make an even more amazing record than their stellar 2006 debut.

Following the departure of singer Ronnie Radke in early 2008, the band performed a handful of shows with Mabbit, and the personal and creative connection was immediate. A fan of both ETF and Mabbit, Feldmann was the natural choice to produce, and in April, Escape the Fate began recording the follow-up to 2006's Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, which featured the massive hit song "Situations." "People are going to be blown away and definitely surprised when they hear Craig's vocals mixed with Escape's diverse sound," explains bassist Max Green. "This is the next generation of rock." The yet-untitled record is tentatively scheduled for a fall release.

"I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue making music with a group of amazing people," says Mabbit. "I'm loving what's coming out of us in the studio right now and things couldn't be going better. Escape the Fate is taking over the world, so buckle your seatbelts 'cause we're here to stay."

After Radke's dramatic departure, wild speculation spread across the internet regarding the future of Escape the Fate and direction the band would take if they were to continue on. However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the turmoil has left the band even more determined and fired up. "We've been through a lot of shit this last year, and we took all that anger, frustration and sadness and molded it into an album with huge rock choruses, in your face riffs and melodies, and drums that will give your parents a heart attack," explains Green. "This new album isn't going to be a hardcore metal album and it's not going to be a soft melodic album, we are who we are, we are Escape the Fate."